Briefly in English

Radio Valo produces, broadcasts and publishes programs done by people with intellectual disabilities, other disabilities or people who need support in media production. Radio Valo is a network of over 50 Finnish NGO’s, educational organisations and innovative companies. Radio Valo network covers partners in countries like Taiwan, Tanzania, Malta, Norway and UK.

Radio Valo is run by a non-profit NGO Lyhty (Lantern) and the Radio Valo was funded by STEA. Radio Valo production “Stations – Asemat” was nominated as the best audio production in Finland in 2014. An innovative co-production between Lyhty, Radio Valo, Basso Radio and STEA called: “Isäntänä Kari Aalto – Hosted by Kari Aalto” won the best customer promotion in Radio Gala in 2015.

Radio Valo is always open for co-operation. Radio Valo is media for all. Please contact us and send us a message!